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Churston Builders Constructed this timber framed garage, office and workshop in Torquay.

Establishing a garden workshop and office can bring forth a myriad of benefits, blending the joys of nature with the practicality of a dedicated workspace. Firstly, the outdoor setting promotes a healthier work environment, providing fresh air, natural light, and a serene atmosphere that can enhance creativity and productivity. Additionally, a garden workshop allows for a customisable and inspiring workspace. Surrounded by nature, individuals can tap into their creativity, drawing inspiration from the changing seasons and vibrant surroundings. This environment fosters a sense of connection with the outdoors, promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Churston Builders constructed this timber-framed building in Torquay to create a garage, workshop and office extending the existing outbuilding and adding a large functional space to the property and a dedicated space away from household distractions, allowing for increased concentration and efficiency. The separation between home and work can enhance work-related boundaries, fostering a more professional mindset.

Are you looking to revitalise an existing space that isn’t fit for purpose or simply wanting to put your stamp on a new property? Churston Builders Can help you realise your dreams!

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