Churston Builders – The Torbay and South Hams Builder. New Build in Roselands, Paignton

Churston Builders completed this detached house in the Roselands Estate in Paignton at the end of 2022.

Another new build by Churston Builders was this project started in late 2022. This was an unusual opportunity to take advantage of a vacant plot on an established estate without any issues of neighbourly relations as the owners of property were building a new house in their own space! Therefore any tricky negotiations about losing windows on the end wall of the house were bypassed…the owners would simply move out of the original property (no. 2) into their new home (no. 2a) and sell the old.  No.2 also benefitted from a new porch and front steps.

This was a really smart way of making full use of a plots potential, producing a new home that would be paid for by selling the first property. Planning consent is always easier to gain smoothly in established areas where the planned build fits well with the existing housing stock – that doesn’t mean it has to be old fashioned though as the interior shows!

Could you build another home in your current plot?

If you have a plot of land ready to build on and would like to chat about its development call Anthony Andrews at Churston Builders on 07782 413671/01803 846114 or email here. We can work with your architect or designer but can also introduce you to local suppliers who we regularly work with.

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