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Are you looking to revitalise an existing space that isn’t fit for purpose or simply wanting to put your stamp on a new property? Churston Builders Can help you realise your dreams!

The owners of this modern detached property in Exmouth were looking to focus their living space around the kitchen. With an extensive area to the rear of the property under-utilised and in need of renovation, a kitchen extension was the ideal solution.

Churston Builders constructed this extension and integrated the ground floor space across the entire width of the building. A pitch roof with Velux windows provides plenty of natural light throughout the kitchen area which is finished with smart dark blue satin units. The exterior of the extension is matched to the existing house with a granite block finish to around 3ft height.

If you have a similar project in mind and would like to chat it through call Anthony Andrews at Churston Builders on 07782 413671/01803 846114 or email here. We can work with your architect or designer but can also introduce you to local suppliers who we regularly work with.

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Extend or move?

Some extensions are grand affairs, while others are quite small and unobtrusive. It really depends how much space you need and what you need it for. A classic two-storey extension on the side of your property will give you plenty of space for one or more bedrooms, a bathroom, home office or garage, for instance. Other options are available to you as well, such as converting your loft or transforming your cellar into a games room. In fact, in the hands of a competent architectural designer and skilled construction company, you are limited only by your imagination!

So here are the main advantages of extending your current property:

1. Gives you the additional space you need without the disruption of moving house. Stay close to your friends and family. Keep your kids in the same school. Don’t change your drive to work.

2. Costs a lot less than moving to a bigger house. A house extension budget can range from £15,000-£60,000. To move to a larger home you may need to borrow an additional £100,000 to £200,000 or more, depending on the area, property size and the cash you have available for a deposit.

3. Take advantage of bespoke space. When you move house you move into a new property that was not designed for you, but for someone else. It is therefore never a bespoke space unless you extend it. The first thing you do when looking around a new property is think about how you might fit your furniture, possessions and lifestyle into the available rooms. A house extension turns the process on its head. It creates new space to build around you. Therefore there is less adaptation time, as your new extension fits around your lifestyle like a glove. This is where our residential architectural designers come into their own. We can sit down with you and come up with a plan that gives you the space you need while making creative use of your budget. No goal is unachievable with the right expertise and the will to carry it through.

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