Churston Builders – The Torbay and South Hams Builder. Block-paved driveway, Shiphay Lane, Torquay

Churston Builders renewed this driveway in Shiphay Lane, Torquay with rustic block pavers – it really lifts the look and feel of the property!

It’s not the most glamorous or exciting project to invest in for your home, but a well installed driveway will last a lifetime and create a lasting impression as well as setting the scene for your entire property. When planning a driveway you’ll be looking at a range of substrates and prices – from around £40 per square metre for gravel and stone up to around £100 per square metre for the latest resin bound or printed concrete surfaces. Block pavers fall in-between these two extremes but are probably the most popular way of creating an extremely hard wearing and easily maintained surface that will stand up to the everyday wear and tear that our driveways go through.

The one common factor in all driveway surfaces is creating a level and stable base and in this project there was a huge amount or broken concrete to remove from the site prior to levelling with crushed roadstone.

There are many advantages to the block paving solution –  a wide range of design options in terms of colour, shape and style – from monotone to multi-colour as well as the opportunity to create patterns and contrasting borders. Different block materials offer different price options. block paved driveways are also long-lasting and, if installed well, low maintenance – and if you do you have a leak from your car small areas can be patch repaired if necessary! Maintenance is limited to annual wash and brush up but don’t forget if you do give your block-paved driveway a good going over with a pressure washer that you’ll need to brush sharp sand back into the joints to maintain the integrity of the structure!

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