Churston Builders – The Torbay Builder undertook this major bungalow extension remodelling project on a property in Windmill Gardens, Paignton.

This bungalow extension project involved a major restructuring of the property creating a second floor with a gabled window at the front and a full width dormer at the rear as well as additional ground floor space across the lower floor.

A scaffold was erected to cover the entire property to make it weatherproof whilst the existing roof was removed. At the rear of the property architectural steelwork was fitted along with the floor joists for the rear extension as this would provide the structure for the new roofline. Once the roof was stripped and the original joists and chimney removed the roof steelwork was secured and the new joists fitted to create the remodelled structure.

The front and rear roof windows were built and first fix electricals were installed and then the entire floor and ceiling structure was insulated with a mixture of rigid insulation and Rockwool.

The next stage of the works involved creating all the internal stud walls for the upper floor accommodation, installation of the stairway and integration of the new floor into the existing accommodation. Work also progressed on the new rear structure below and to the rear of the dormer section. Windows and glazed doors followed in order to progress as quickly as possible to a stage where the roof could be tiled to weatherproof the structure and remove the main scaffold.

The front of the property was tiled using the original roof tiles that were still fit for purpose. The rear of the property was finished with contemporary tiles as well as Velux windows.

Once the external structure was secure then the original rear elevation of the property with it’s doors and windows was removed to complete the transformation.

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