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Churston Builders block paved driveway

Churston Builders laid this block driveway in June 2010 in Cadewell Lane, Torquay.

The completion of this driveway was one of the final elements in the renovation of this once-neglected property. Containing walls were constructed on either side and rendered.

The entire area up to the double garage was block paved with some pattern work to complete the transformation of the grounds and bring the property right up-to-date.

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Block Paving info:

Block paving that has been installed correctly will last for many years. Very little maintenance is required and it’s unlikely any weed growth will occur for many years. A good sweep is all that’s needed to keep the surface clean but it is recommended that the kiln dried sand be topped up and brushed in every 3 years or so to allow for any rainwater erosion.

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